Two Library meeting rooms:

Conference Room #222 and Board Room #329

Spaces are reserved at the time of request, with priority first to the Board and Faculty, then staff, students and lastly outside groups.  Asbury University facilities are primarily intended to further its educational and spiritual mission by serving the Asbury University community (students, faculty, and staff).  Facilities are available for rental and use by outside groups secondarily to these internal constitutents.  All organizations and individuals renting or utilizing Asbury University property will host activities that are in alignment with Asbury University's policies and not counter to the University's Christian position.  Asbury University reserves the right to decline the use of facilities by organizations or individuals whose mission, advocacy, or activities are in conflict with the mission, doctrine, and practices of Asbury University.

Prior to Event

  • If you need the space for set-up purposes prior to the event, please book enough time before your event begins to accomplish the change.
  • Please do not have chairs or tables delivered more than one afternoon prior to the event. 
  • If your event requires specific AV equipment, please call the Learning Resource Center at ext. 2498 to make sure that your space is equipped properly.
  • For public events, please provide details to the front Circulation Desk personnel.

Reserving a Space

  • Select multiple time slots below to indicate your complete time range required.
  • Please state whether food and/or drink will be served.
  • If your reservation time changes or you need to cancel your request, please contact the Library Administrative Assistant at ext. 2143.
  • Please respect patrons who are studying and keep noise levels to a minimum.
  • All personal items left in the room will be placed in our lost and found at the Circulation Desk.

Immediately Following the Event

  • You are responsible for the safe return of all furniture to its original location.  A table configuration is kept in the credenza in the Board Room.
  • You are responsible for cleaning the space that you used.  Please leave it in as good or better condition than when you entered.  If a vacuum is needed, please ask at the Circulation Desk.  Please leave all trash in their containers for the custodial staff to dispense of in the morning.
  • If you order tables or chairs, please have them removed the following morning by the Physical Plant.

Please call ext. 2143 (Library Administrative Assistant) if you have any questions.